Personal Training

Exercise is the single most effective way we can help improve and maintain our bodily systems functions. Regular exercise is the foundation for cognition, and prepares the brain for learning, improves mood, and elevates our stress threshold, helps maintain a healthy weight, and helps to prevent illness.

Use of health clubs falls off sharply after initial membership purchases. It is estimated that 68% of customers quit because of a perceived attitude of indifference to the customer. Programs and equipment also play a vital role in that decision process.  This does not happen at Dynamic Dragonflies because customer dignity and sense of belonging is a core value of ours.

Dragonflies offers improved functionality in daily life with focus on proper movement through correct alignment and balance, strength training, stamina training, endurance training and muscle balance with relaxation, stretching and lengthening techniques. A healthy body moves well and is strong. It endures stress, is flexible, is relaxed and sleeps well.

Today, Dragonflies provides independent exercise, coordinated with a variety of industry tools and apparatus (free weights, tubing, bands, balls etc) for programs designed by and performed with a trained, skilled, and certified professional personal trainer.

The Hur International Smart Zone Equipment is the foundation of the personal training program.  The HUR line of fitness equipment represents today’s most advanced health and fitness equipment technology.

The HUR resistance equipment is designed to accommodate differences in individual bodies. All HUR machines are equipped with a unique Natural Transmission mechanism. The Natural Transmission resistance system matches the body’s natural muscular movement, regardless of speed of movement. The result is a safe, effective exercise for people of all ages and abilities – from mainstream exercisers to seniors, athletes, the disabled and the youth. Heck, my hot husband uses it!!