Massage Therapy

Health care providers and consumers are finding out what professional massage therapists have always understood – that massage is not only relaxing, but also an important tool for pain management and overall wellness.

The American Massage Therapy Association found that more people get massage therapy for medical purposes than for relaxation. One quarter of adults cited a better quality of life and overall wellness for getting a massage.

The mind, body, spirit connection is an important part of how Dragonfly Massage Therapy helps promote overall good health and well-being.  Massage works not only on the physical parts it also stimulates the vascular, lymphatic, and nervous systems to promote healing. Once the brain and muscles are calm and relaxed and circulation has been restored, the body can better heal itself. When the body and brain are too busy dealing with the effects of stress, we become an easy target for many physical ailments, illness and disease. Stress produces cortisol in the body – cortisol is a known immune system depressant and has other negative effects on the body like inflammation.

A ninety minute massage begins in a peaceful candle lit setting where you will be greeted by soothing sounds and a warm scented, relaxing mineral foot soak, and a cup of warm nutrient filled fruit elixir to calm the senses.

The massage continues on a heated, down covered table with energy balancing, and a light exfoliating glove scrub to stimulate circulation of the vascular, lymphatic, and nervous systems, followed by a combination of massage and bodywork techniques.  Each body area is finished with a lymphatic massage to promote proper drainage. The lymphatic system carries toxins away from the body’s tissue and lack of drainage causes inflammation – lymphatic drainage is a critical bodily function! The massage ends with a neurovascular scalp massage for deep relaxation. After a five minute quiet rest, you are grounded with deep aroma-therapy breathing and a restorative nutritious treat.